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The Business of Collaboration - From Lebron James and Maverick Carter to Shonda Rhimes and Netflix, collaborations have led to some of the world’s most powerful and impactful partnerships that’s provided jobs, created opportunities, and pushed important conversations and issues to the forefront. But what are the keys to successful collaborations, and what are the warning signs to look out for before and during a partnership?

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The Business of Tech – Technology is an ever-evolving industry with opportunities around every corner. But tapping into the technology industry requires more than just the next great tech idea. During this discussion, our panelists will tackle the current age of technology and how are businesses are integrating technology into their operations to move them forward and keep them competitive within the marketplace; also, how do you identify where opportunities exist within tech, and how to prepare and position your tech idea for funding?

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The Business of Sports -- From the Olympics and the Super Bowl to National Battle of the Bands and HBCU homecomings. The power of sports to reach and unite people from diverse backgrounds all-across the globe and create opportunities and inspire us all is undeniable. With the recent ruling by the NCAA allowing student-athletes to monetize off their own name, image and likeness (NIL) to trademarks, corporate sponsorships, endorsement deals, television rights, and consulting firms - where is the business of sports headed? How do businesses best navigate the sports industry and new business opportunities while maintaining the essence that sports plays as a universe connector in the new and evolving area of politics, social media, technology, and entertainment?

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The Business of Culture – Representation matters, but how do businesses navigate the use of culture within their strategies to connect with their audiences in a relevant and authentic ways, while also giving back and creating impact and opportunities that excels and pushes the culture forward for generations to come.  During this panel we will discuss the impact and power of culture in the industries film, music, and skincare, and how understanding, respecting, and embracing culture will always be a winning strategy.

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